“Land of Illusion” Event Gallery


自2006年底以来,我们在“太虚幻境“中结合了装置,表演和互动音响,动画,录像等数码多媒体作为传达手段,特别是将这些表现因素安置在网络基础 上的“虚拟环境”中 (Second Life),目标是在创造新的文化空间与艺术形式的同时,进行开放性的全球范畴的对话与交流。我们期待多方面的参与以及广泛的合作 — 达到更高层面的知识界的沟通与对于民间文化深远影响的理解是这个论坛的意义所在。

Originally, the Web-based art project “Land of Illusion” is dedicated to the study of Chinese folklore’s influences and implications in the globalized world as well as within the Internet culture. In contrast to the existing research and presentation solutions, artistic approaches, especially those involving digital multimedia and Web-applications, have been used to disseminate messages. With this collaborative art experiment, we aim to enhance the understanding of the relation of cultural heritage and contemporary societies.