Participation at Jamaica Flux ’10
Opening: April 10th. Closing: Multimedia Performance & Catalog launch party: June 12nd, 2010.

Jamaica Flux '10 Catalog (click to see excerpt)

Portrait of America: Producing Year: 2004 –2010, Medium: Site-specific Installation and Performances on Jamaica Avenue, Queens, NY
As a result of five-year investigation on Chinese immigrant artists’ lives in America, this project creates a ‘live sculpture’ signifying individual’s dilemmatic situation in our global society, which is intended to discover meanings of social behaviors within the contexts of collisions of ideology and culture. Applying the ‘social realistic’ approach that integrates installation, performance, environment and interaction with audience, ‘Portrait of America’ produces an opportunity pondering everyday activities such as running a typical celebrity portrait business with Chinese immigrant artists who themselves can be considered the signifiers of clashes between beliefs and reality.
Portrait of America is also a finalist project of Terna 02 Prize of Contemporary Art

Realization of Portrait of America on Jamaica Ave.

Detail of Installation

Honglei making portrait on Jamaica Ave.

The Butterfly Lovers at Video Slam of Jamaica Flux ’10: The Butterfly Lovers reinterprets a Chinese folktale and metaphorically reflects on cultural displacement. Originally, The Butterfly Lovers is a thousand-year-old legend of a tragic love story often regarded as the Chinese equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. Under the same title, our film places the two protagaonists into a different setting, the landscape of New York City. Loosely based on the narrative of the folktale, the tragedy is unveiled with a completely different context: in the first scene, dressed in traditional Chinese male costume, the couple roam around Times Square at a rainy night, and play the ancient melody of A Moonlit Night On The Spring River with flute on subway station. The camera switches to interior scene, where one of the protagonists is found changing custom to reveal her female identity, while the male character starts vomiting blood sitting in front of a fish tank, a typical deco at Chinese restaurant. The last scene stages the couple standing on Brooklyn Bridge, from where the male character shoots his bow without an arrow toward the vast, empty sky. Gradually, the couple, the glamorous metropolitan landscape, and the restless East River, are all absorbed into boundless darkness…  more

The Butterfly Lovers at Video Slam

still image of The Butterfly Lovers

more pictures

At the installation room

The tour guided by curator Heng-Gil Han

About Jamaica Flux ’10:

Jamaica Flux: Workspaces & Windows is supported, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts, Arts Council Korea, and Romanian Cultural Institute in New York.