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“Land of Illusion” Demo at EVA2010, London

Land of Illusion project will be presented at EVA2010, London in July 2010. The keynote speakers at EVA 2010 include, Seb Chan, Peter Cochrane, David Giaretta, Oliver Grau, and Alan Read.

Land of Illusion will be demonstrated on July 7th, 2010. Followings are our presentation contents and project outline:

Lily & Honglei at EVA 2010
'Land of Illusion' presentation flyer 1 @ EVA 2010

"Land of Illusion" Flyer 2 at EVA2010_Lily & Honglei
"Land of Illusion" Flyer 2 at EVA2010

Land of Illusion is a virtual world art project accomplished through cross-continental artists’ collaborations in cyberspace. It is intended to make social and cultural commentaries particularly through reinterpreting Chinese folkloric traditions. The work reflects on globalization’s impact on both the environment and the individual, and unveils layered personal and cultural identity markers. Focusing on the spiritually homeless struggling to preserve traditional values, it explores foreignness and displacement. Furthermore, Land of Illusion proposes solutions for preserving and  re-evaluating cultural heritage with digital art.

– Lily & Honglei

The project video documentation now is available for viewing on DVD:

DVD presented at EVA2010

About EVA London –

  • has a focus on visualisation for the arts and culture – interpreted broadly to include its impications, effects, and consequent strategies and policies
  • covers the burgeoning creative uses of digital media for works of art and creative productions
  • is a forum for European projects to disseminate the results of EC investment in technology for culture and the arts, and to publicise and explain funding opportunities
  • is a networking event for other groups and projects
  • includes a free-of-charge Research Workshop for MA, MSc and PhD students, and others, to share their research in a friendly and informal setting
  • Organisation and management: EVA London is a conference of the Computer Arts Society, a specialist group of the Chartered Institute for IT (BCS).

By Lily Honglei

Lily Honglei, artist collaborate from Beijing, is currently base in United States. Their creative projects integrate digital imaging technologies, such as Augmented Realty, Virtual Reality and digital animation, with traditional art mediums to comment on current global societies as well as the relationship between Asian cultural heritages and globalization. Their projects received awards and grants from Creative Capital, New York Foundation of Arts Fellowship and Fiscal Sponsorship, New York States Council on the Arts, Queens Art Council, among others.

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