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“The Peony”: New Ink Painting Generation, Shanghai University

"New Ink Painting Generation," Shanghai University 99 Art Space

Lily & Honglei: New Ink Painting Generation
The exhibition space at 99 Creative Center

Official report on the exhibition in Shanghai:画廊

Concurrent with Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai University is launching New Ink Painting Generation I at 99 Art Space. We’re glad that our new animation project The Peony will be on view in this exhibition.

The Peony continues our practice integrating Chinese cultural and aesthetic traditions with new media expressions. Ambient sound, 3-D space, time duration and subtle motions are deployed to make a static brush painting alive. The infinite loop of the animation constructs a space for rethinking Chinese painting’s cultural and artistic values that remain largely underestimated.

As a medium, agent and concept, Chinese ink painting functions to unveil contemporary issues. New Ink Painting Generation discusses the future and reflects the recent developments of contemporary Chinese ink painting.’ Ma Lin, the curator and chair of Department of Art History of Shanghai University, said.

Peony: animation still. by Lily & Honglei

The animation excerpt is viewable at

More information about the exhibition at:

By Lily Honglei

Lily Honglei, artist collaborate from Beijing, is currently base in United States. Their creative projects integrate digital imaging technologies, such as Augmented Realty, Virtual Reality and digital animation, with traditional art mediums to comment on current global societies as well as the relationship between Asian cultural heritages and globalization. Their projects received awards and grants from Creative Capital, New York Foundation of Arts Fellowship and Fiscal Sponsorship, New York States Council on the Arts, Queens Art Council, among others.

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