Gawker Artists is a curated online art community and exhibition program promoting the works of artists of all media. Participating artists receive profile pages on Gawker Artists and are eligible to have their works published in the ad space on Gawker Media titles and included in Gawker Artist sponsored exhibitions. All participation for artists and exhibitors is free.

  • Lily & Honglei

    As a Chinese immigrant artist team, our work deals with cultural displacement and identity issues, as well as social and cultural problems in today’s China in the context of globalization. Taking form of digital multimedia presentation, our projects often adapt symbolism and metaphors from Chinese folklore, and reinterpret them in a contemporary context. To give new imputes to aesthetics and cultural traditions, we integrate new media approaches, such as digital animation and virtual reality, with fine arts language to create visual experiences belong to the 21st century. More 

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