With China quickly becoming a powerhouse in the world’s economic, political and cultural spheres, college students are smart to learn more about the nation if they want to work in a global marketplace. China is a vast country with a long history, so gaining a comprehensive education on it can be tough. These lectures can provide a great starting point for understanding the culture, politics, economy and social aspects of this nation and the people who call it home.


Explore the rich cultural history of China through these lectures on food, music, art and literature.

  1. A History of Sport in China: Check out this lecture to learn more about how organized sports developed and grew to popularity in China.
  2. China and India: Future of Past Traditions: In this lecture, you’ll hear about some artists from China and India and the ways their work bridges past and present.
  3. Conservation of China’s Cultural and Historical Heritage: Hear from a panel of experts on ways China’s national heritage sites can and should be preserved, and the challenges they are facing in trying to do so.
  4. Snow Falling in Spring: In this lecture, writer Moying Li tells the compelling story of one girl’s difficult but determined coming-of-age during the Cultural Revolution in China.
  5. Confucius and Confucianism: Explore the history behind this ancient Chinese philosophy in this lecture.
  6. Culture of Food in Rural China: See what food means to the people and communities of rural China in this engaging lecture.
  7. Chinese Cultural Identity and the Beijing Games: What did having the Olympic Games in China mean for the national identity of the Chinese people? Learn more here.
  8. Tea and Chinese Cultural Aesthetics: This lecture will teach you what an impact tea has had on Chinese cultural practices in the past and today.
  9. Qi Zhang’s electrifying organ performance: See professional musician Qi Zhang perform in this great TED presentation.
  10. New Media Art of Lily and Honglei: Lily Xiying Yang and Honglei Li discuss their work, often a mix of digital and traditional art forms, in this lecture.
  11. The First Emperor’s Terracotta Army: One of China’s most famous archaeological finds, the Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuangdi are discussed in depth in this lecture.
  12. Pearl of China: In this lecture, you’ll hear from Anchee Min about her novel Pearl of China, a fictionalized account of the writer Pearl S. Buck’s life in China.
  13. Chef Martin Yan: Hear more about the future of Chinese cuisine from this world famous chef.
  14. The Meaning of Tea: Here you’ll find an excellent discussion on the meaning of tea in cultures around the world, including that of China.


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