From blogger Zhang Minchang (张民昌), translated by China Digital Times:

Today, we are grateful that the Nobel Peace Prize was not swayed by those with power and authority!

… …

We are grateful to the Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee!

At this time “great scholars” who are propped up by those with power and authority are singing the praises of “the Chinese model.” The Nobel Prize has been a resounding blow to this materialistic, filthy, anti-human rights, immoral, unconstitutional, and secretive “Chinese model.”

This self-righteous, bloody, corrupt, elitist “Chinese model” that looks so brilliant on its surface should have been shelved long ago.

The goal of this so-called “Chinese model” is to “develop” to the point where 70% of the country’s wealth is concentrated into the hands of less than 1% of the population. The low-wage population has not received any benefit from this economic development. A few big indicators of this are: people are unable to attend school, see a doctor, or buy a house. They can’t afford to live and they can’t afford to die. These great weights are pressing down on the Chinese people and are becoming increasingly heavy. There are also taxes, perhaps the heaviest weight borne by people and also the monopolization of businesses by those with power and authority, etc., etc……

There have been coal disasters, brick scandals, AIDS scandals, melamine contamination scandals. Now there are forcible evictions, forcible housing demolitions, blood, tears, self-immolation……Where in this “Chinese model” that is bent on plundering the wealth of the people, are the traditional values of benevolence and virtue? Where are the universal values of justice and morality?

In 1980, the Nobel Peace Prize winner from the former Soviet Union, physicist Andrei Sakharov stated: “the strength of an autocratic state is not related to the happiness of its people. That is because the autocratic powers must find ways to monopolize the nation’s resources and keep these resources controlled firmly in its grasp so as to maintain its rule. In other words, in an autocratic system, the people are unable to share in the benefits brought by the increasing strength of the country. These benefits are all swallowed up by autocratic groups and are used to combat the people’s latent resistance. A strong autocratic government only means that the autocratic powers are strong and does not mean that the people have become strong.

That Liu Xiaobo should win the Nobel Peace Prize is the will of the people and is a recognition well deserved. Liu Xiaobo’s winning of the Nobel Prize is a victory for universal values!

We are grateful that the Nobel Peace Prize was not swayed by those with power and authority!

We are grateful that the Nobel Peace Prize has a kind heart!

We are grateful to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee. You allowed the people of the world to glimpse China’s conscience!