Our new work in process that reflects on humanity issue of contemporary China:

China: Walking A Tightrope, an animated film composed with large scale Chinese ink paintings

The China Boom Project: Actually, we are very confused. Maybe a lot of people are extremely bullish on China’s future, but I would say that, personally, I am extremely confused. What will happen going forward is, to a large extent, not going to be decided by economics, neither will it be determined by the global environment, it is really in the hands of the Chinese people, even in the hands of a small number of politicians. … Because history is too complicated and the tightrope is too narrow, it is extremely hard to keep the balance.

China: Walking A Tightrope

– insecurity

China: Walking a tightrope (detail)


People & Tanks

– forbidden memories

Chinese Ink Painting



– swallowed and escaped humanity

Chinese Ink Painting