Lily & Honglei’s new video Home is participating international art exhibition ‘Mind the Gap’ at Istanbul, Fall 2011, as part of ISEA – Inter Society of Electronic Art.

Still sequence of Home

The international artist group CONT.cept is launching “MIND THE GAP”, a series of exhibitions, performance art events and conferences that will take place in Istanbul in fall 2011. MIND THE GAP playfully alludes to transportation, but also references borders and gaps of all kinds: geographic, social, and economic. These events are aimed at engaging discussions of contemporary issues including economic and cultural globalization, brain drain, and ecology within the artistic and socio-political traditions of Istanbul and Turkey. CONT.cept was formed in Istanbul and the US out of a need to create an accessible, global forum for emerging contemporary artists and thinkers to discuss, challenge, and connect new ideas. The exhibitions and events will present multi-media works from emerging artists from around the globe in reaction to the concepts of capitalism, consumerism and cultural imperialism, and the ways that we negotiate individual and collective identity.

With these exhibitions and events, “MIND THE GAP” asks the following questions:
•    In the face of global economic and environmental crises, what options do we have for a new vision?
•    What does nationality mean in a homogenized world in which multinational chain corporations are on every street corner in every corner of the globe?
•    How have our definitions of place been altered by the technologies we use every day?

“MIND THE GAP” will coincide with the 2011 Istanbul Biennial, one of the most prestigious international art fairs.  Istanbul serves as the geographical and cultural bridge between Europe and Asia. Its unique position offers an exciting venue to examine global issues from various regional perspectives offered by artists from around the globe. In hosting these events during fall 2011, we aim to enlarge the conversation for the viewing public around the ways established and emerging artists are approaching contemporary issues from access and mobility to the role of technology in identity formation.

In addition to exhibitions and performance events, CONT.cept will organize a symposium bringing together artists, musicians, writers, business professionals, archeologists, historians and directors of non-profit organizations to discuss and challenge the issues raised in the exhibitions. Global capitalism is forcing us to reconsider our outlooks and the effects that we have upon our larger community. Art is being called upon to engage with other disciplines to explore these complicated questions and offer new perspectives on the possibility of a brighter future. CONT.cept and “MIND THE GAP” investigate the possibilities of contemporary art practices to shed light on and affect the political and socio-economic forces at work on the local and global levels.