Distributed Collectives

Where: Little Berlin Gallery
2430 Coral St, Kensington, Philadelphia MAP

When:  August 5th – 26th, 2011
Opening Date: Friday, August 5th, 2011

Great Firewall of China, by 4Gentlemen (collaborations from virtual reality to augmented reality)

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Great Firewall virtual installation in Second Life

screenshot of virtual installation Great Firewall of China

Screenshot: Mo Tzu and Great Firewall of China

Screenshot: virtual world Performance 'Hundred Schools of Thought'

Screenshot: Mo Tzu in Hundred School of Thought online performance

Great Firewall of China by 4Gentlemen

Short Exhibition Description:by the curator, Kelani Nichole:

Distributed Collectives: An exploration of three distributed artist groups – FAT, MainfestAR and Computers Club – who use the web to collaborate. The central exhibit of the show will be a research component featuring a history of each of the groups and information about how they function creatively. Additionally, the show will feature Internet artwork from participating members of each collaborative group… (read more)