Curatorial statement abstract:

“From Jamaica to China, a new evolution” examines the work of Three Jamaican artists, in addition to four artists who have lived in China since childhood: two who currently has residence in New York City, the other two artists, currently live and work in Beijing. All have studied formally in the United States as well as their home country with diverse international „profiles‟; garnering unique critical perspectives by noted writers and critics. Works executed range from large scale paintings, drawings/conceptual video narratives and New Media. These artists travel back and forth to far flung geographical -locations that they each call “home”. Their travels and unique cultural perspectives have impacted their work with a fresh for life.

Participating Artists: Ebony G. Patterson, Camille Chedda, Lily and Honglei, Liu Wentau and Bryan McFarlane.

Curated by : Bryan McFarlane, from Jamaica.

Still image of video ‘The Window – April’

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Still image of video ‘The Peony Pavilion’

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Lily & Honglei and curator Bryan McFarlane