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‘Southeast Flies the Peacock’ participating Mobile Art exhibition, CAA 2012 in LA

Southeast Flies the Peacock at Chinatown, Los Angles: Augmented Reality Art by Lily & Honglei, John Craig Freeman.

Southeast Flies the Peacock

The work assembles images of some most influential folktales of China, including Southeast Flies the PeacockThe Peony Pavilion, Lady White Snake, Death of GeneralYang Zaixing,and Cowherd and Weaving Maid, featuring tragic romances as well as epic heroes/heroins admired by Chinese people from generation to generation. In contrast to the the spiritual, legendary figures in the foreground, which are designed as ‘virtual sculptures’ through Augmented Reality application on mobile phone, the background is set at a highly commercial area of a metropolitan city – China Town. By comparing virtual and physical, ancient and modern, east and west, we question the longevity of Chinese culture’s spiritual traditions in the process of capitalization.


Mad Drummer Mi Heng at Chinatown, Los Angles: (animated) Augmented Reality Art by Lily & Honglei, John Craig Freeman

Mi Heng is a reputed scholar in ancient China.  By beating a drum naked in the imperial court and mocking officials in power, he becomes subject of a famous drama, and is praised as the most courageous intellectual throughout Chinese history. This figure repeatedly appears in our work, including animated short film and virtual reality art project. Based on an image sequence extracted from Fourth Cry of the Monkey, the animated virtual sculpture deploying mobile phone augmented reality technology, is performing timelessly at Chinatown of Los Angles as a spiritual symbol of Chinese culture.

More info:

ManifestAR @ LA Re.Play

LA Re.Play, an Exhibition of Mobile Art in conjunction with Mobile Art: The Aesthetics of Mobile Network Culture in Place-making during the College Arts Association Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, February 22-29, 2012

Co-curators: Hana Iverson, Visiting Scholar, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, Dr. Mimi Sheller, Director, Center for Mobilities Research and Policy, Drexel University and Jeremy Hight, independent artist and curator

Opening reception at CAA Convention Center LA Re.Play Hub Location, February 22, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

Reception: DESMA Grad Art Gallery, Broad Art Center, UCLA,Friday, February 24, 6:00 – 8:00 pm

LA RePlay Postcard

Curatorial Concept

Whereas the public square was once the quintessential place to air grievances, display solidarity, express difference, celebrate similarity, remember, mourn, and reinforce shared values of right and wrong, it is no longer the only anchor for interactions in the public realm. That geography has been relocated to a novel terrain, one that encourages exploration of mobile location based public art. Moreover, public space is now truly open, as artworks can be placed anywhere in the world, without prior permission from government or private authorities – with profound implications for art in the public sphere and the discourse that surrounds it.

About ManifestAR

Participating Artists

  • 4Gentlemen (CN,US)
  • Mark Skwarek (US)
  • John Craig Freeman (US)
  • Lily & Honglei (US,CN)
  • Tamiko Thiel (US,JP,DE)
  • Chris Manzione (US)
  • Will Pappenheimer (US)
  • Lalie S. Pascual (CH)
  • Lili range le chat (FR)
  • Geoffrey Alan Rhodes (US)
  • Sander Veenhof (NL)
  • John Cleater (US)
  • Patricia Espinosa (MX)
  • Todd Margolis (US)
  • Christina Marin (CO)

By Lily Honglei

Lily Honglei, artist collaborate from Beijing, is currently base in United States. Their creative projects integrate digital imaging technologies, such as Augmented Realty, Virtual Reality and digital animation, with traditional art mediums to comment on current global societies as well as the relationship between Asian cultural heritages and globalization. Their projects received awards and grants from Creative Capital, New York Foundation of Arts Fellowship and Fiscal Sponsorship, New York States Council on the Arts, Queens Art Council, among others.

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