“From Lewisburg to Silicon Valley” at ZERO1 Biennial 2012, CA

Collaborating with John Craig Freeman, our new AR project “From Lewisburg to Silicon Valley” is participating Zero 1 Biennial 2012 in San Jose, CA, Sept. 12 – Dec. 8, 2012, with a Media Preview at Catherine Clark Gallery’s New York Pop-Up Space in May 2012.
Mobile phone screenshot of AR project ‘From Lewisburg to Silicon Valley’
The connection from Lewisburg Pennsylvania to the high-tech corporate campuses of Silicon Valley can be traced in the migration of the worlds manufacturing on its never ending quest for the least expensive, least regulated labor force and the trail of economic devastation it leaves in its wake. Viewed through their own mobile device, the “From Lewisburg, PA to Silicon Valley” augmented reality public art projects asks the audience to consider their own implications in this global history.
– John Craig Freeman,  From Lewisburg, PA to Silicon Valley

MANIFEST.AR @ ZERO1 Biennial 2012 

ManifestAR_Silicon Valley Global 2_by Tamiko Thiel.jpg
  • ManifestAR_signs-over-semiconductors-draw1_b.jpg ManifestAR_15 Minute Companies_by Sander Veenhof.jpg Bottomless_Pit_Skwarek.jpg apple_campus.jpg

Commissioned by the Samek Gallery at Bucknell University for the ZERO1 Biennial and presented in collaboration with ZERO1

The collective proposes to establish an onsite installation for exhibition at the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial with parallel components at the Samek Art Gallery at Bucknell University in Lewisburg Pennsylvania. Titled “Manifest.AR @ ZERO1,” the group will draw on collective art practices centered around mobile augmented reality apps that aggregate and map a series of works re-imagining and reinterpreting the high-tech corporate campuses and products of Silicon Valley. Performative and site-specific works will be created around the cities of San Jose, San Francisco and Lewisburg.

Manifest.AR is an international artists’ collective working with emergent forms of augmented reality as interventionist public art. The group sees this medium as a way of transforming public space and institutions by installing virtual objects, which respond to and overlay the configuration of located physical meaning. Utilizing this technology as artwork is an entirely new proposition and explores all that we know and experience as the mixture of the real and the hyper-real.

For more information, visit http://www.zero1biennial.org/content/manifest-ar

Or download Press Release: http://manifestarblog.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/zero1-press-release-4-093.pdf

Published by Lily & Honglei (杨熙瑛, 李宏磊)

Lily & Honglei (杨熙瑛, 李宏磊), contemporary artist team from Beijing, currently base in Boston and New York City. Their creative projects emphasize on using digital imaging tools to reinterpret Chinese folklore themes. They also actively curate Internet-art and new media exhibitions for cultural exchanges between China and the United States. Lily & Honglei founded "Land of Illusion" platform dedicated to Second Life art, net-art and new media art in 2006. In 2008 Lily & Honglei founded NY Arts New Media & Net-Art program affiliated with NY Arts Magazine. In 2009, Lily & Honglei founded DSL Cyber MOCA for DSL Collection of Chinese contemporary arts.

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