Our new animation ‘Dragon’ has been invited to video art festivals around the world, including in Iran, Hungary and Russia.

Work Description

Production: L&H Art Studio
Animation Design: Bill He Li
Medium: Digital animation, Soundtrack
Duration: 4-minute
Year of Completion: 2012


The work is created during 2012, the Chinese Lunar Dragon Year. Associating imagery of human brain with Dragon, one of the most significant cultural creations of China, the work reflects on intriguing meaning of this symbol of Power. Dragon, the imaginary, almighty creature, is the subject of many Chinese classics specially focusing on its ability of adjusting itself for controlling. This cultural icon is vividly alive throughout Chinese history, inspiring personal and national ambitions in both ancient and contemporary societies of China. Within this context, the short film visualizes how this thousand-year-old unreal creature has influenced Chinese people’s mindset and thinking.

Screenings in Hungary and Russia:

Lily & Honglei once again collaborate with CologneOFF Video Chanel to present new animated short film Dragonat Art & Animation Festival, partnering with 3 art institutions in Europe:

–         the 8th. Budapest Short Film Festival, Hungary

–         XI Kansk International Video Art Festival, Russia

–        Anima Banja Luka (Bosnia – Herzegovina)

To learn more about Art & Animation Festival, go to http://caaf01.newmediafest.org/
Screening in Iran:
Private Negation


Experimental video animations
by 14 aritsts
Co-curated by
Morehshin Allahyari (Dallas & Denver, USA)
Alysse Stepanian (Los Angeles)
Sazmanab Location: Apt. 2, No. 99, Pardis St. Ariafar St. Sazman-e ab St. Sheikh Fazlollah HWY, Tehran, Iran
Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Screening: 7PM – 8PM Tehran’s time
Q&A with the curators via the internet: 8PM – 8:30PM

More information: http://manipulatedimage.com/MI18_sazmanab.html

Curated by Morehshin Allahyari and Alysse Stepania

Our perception of reality conforms to human-made logic while the construct of logic is defined by the limitations of our perceptions. The language of power is built upon the illusion of logic, designed to create cultural hegemony and maintain social hierarchies. The subversive video animations in this show challenge the language of logic and control in unexpected worlds of simulated realities. On one level, the nature of the GUI (graphic user interface) of video and animation software directly influences the creative process, as the program itself exerts a self-contained logic and control rooted in the code and interface design. On another level, the medium of video animation in these experimental works allows visualizations of unfamiliar realities that call for reinterpretations and active participation from the viewer.


Christopher Coleman | Sachiko Hayashi | Shane Mecklenburger | Jonathan Monaghan | Morehshin Allahyari | Jon Satrom | Alysse Stepanian & Philip Mantione | Michael Lasater | Jenny Vogel | Claudia Hart | Lily & Honglei | Gerald Guthrie | Albert Merino | Julia Zastav