Colour Out of Space is one of the UK’s leading festivals of international, experimental music and sound, and returns to Brighton for a sixth year with a huge, extended ten day programme of performances, events and screenings. The three day festival core will take place at The Old Market and feature over thirty performances from some of the most visionary sound artists  from around the world. Artists include Ilan Volkov, Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro), Azuma Reiko, Angela Sawyer, Dinosaurs With Horns, Maya Dunietz, Alessandro Bosetti, Joachim Nordwall, Luke Fowler and many more.

The COOS film programm explores the crossover of experimental sound into moving image – from the direct colour fields and sonic loops of Bruce McClure to the early sound as image experiments of Steina Vasulka, from the handpainted super 8mm’s and homebuilt electronics of Ian Helliwell to the dimestore psychodramas of George Kuchar.

Further details at www.colouroutofspace.org

Open Colour / New Experiments in Film
Sallis Benney Theatre
Sunday 10th November / Midday – 2pm




by Lily & Honglei

Utilizing animation and traditional oil painting, Tripitaka is a silent short film (4-minute 27-second) reflecting on individual’s journey seeking enlightenment, as well as the issue of religious freedom in contemporary China.

Inspired by Chinese classic Journey to the West, a fictionalized account of the legendary pilgrimage of Buddhist monk Tripitaka and his three disciples-the Monkey King, Pigsy and Sandy-traveling to India to obtain sacred texts, the work metaphorically depicts ordeals of individuals journeying towards enlightenment. As Han Chinese themselves, artists Lily and Honglei deeply concern the religious repressions and ethnic hostility experienced by Tibetan people on a day-to-day basis; Tripitaka is created as a result. Meanwhile, the storyline of Tripitaka is intentionally designed to resonate biblical tales, insinuating the universality of religions.






Video stills of Tripitaka

For more details, please visit http://lilyhonglei.com/LandOfIllusion/tripitaka.html