Air pollution, waste management and water shortages will be some of the main environmental issues for China in 2014, says our panel of experts.

2013 saw Chinese cities badly hit by smog. The public is calling for the government to take serious action to respond to the problem, but is totally unprepared to do anything themselves. Reducing industrial pollution is in tune with the government’s intention to improve the economic structure and avoid environmentally damaging growth, so it may actually happen. However, pollution caused by individual households is an even bigger problem, and there is very little awareness of that. Even among the elites there is no consensus about such things as heavy car use. As far as the public is concerned, everything is the responsibility of the government.

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Slideshow: China’s largest freshwater lake shrunk by severe drought

Beijing reporter Luna Lin photographs the human and environmental cost of Poyang Lake’s severe drought


The lake bottom is now so dry that it’s become an area in which livestock can graze.

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