Curious about Augmented Reality art? Get free AR browser (http://get.layar.com/) on your smartphone/tablet, scan the photo above to find out how Lily & Honglei apply it to create new artistic expression. Work available for viewing through 08/11/15.


Type in ‘Tiananmen Square’ on Baidu, the most popular search engine dominating China’s cyberspace, most likely you will get pictures similar to the one above. Anything special about this particular image? In fact it holds a secret that can only be deciphered with an augmented reality mobile app. To see the hidden artwork, download the free app from http://get.layar.com/, launch it on your ‘smart’ mobile device, then click the screen to discover the ‘secret.’

The artwork is created by Lily & Honglei Art Studio for their ongoing project Shadow Play that has received support from several art foundations since 2014. Still experimenting, it is a demonstration of how the mobile technology may be utilized to produce a new type of multimedia art. For the artist collaborative, Augmented Reality art effectively helps comment on an image intended to deceive.