Since 2011, Lily & Honglei Art Studio has participated “(Un)Seen Sculptures,” the annual exhibition of Augmented Reality art in varied cities in Australia. The multimedia event is presented by dLux MediaArts, “a for-purpose organization with over thirty years experience in supporting artists working with emerging technologies at the intersection of art and science,” and curated by Warren Armstrong. Curatorial Statement can be found on this page:

Responding to the curator’s invitation, Lily & Honglei is presenting their recent work “Shadow Pavilion” in the upcoming (Un)Seen Sculptures 2015 exhibition.

Lily & Honglei, Augmented Reality art, new media artist from China, Climate Change, Shadow Play, #NYFAFellows30, #CreativeCapital

The Shadow Pavilion, AR installation by Lily & Honglei Art Studio. Medium: traditional Chinese shadow puppetry motif, virtual reality simulation, and augmented reality app on mobile device.

Artist Statement
The Shadow Pavilion is an augmented reality installation integrating traditional folk art form, specifically Chinese shadow puppetry, with digital imaging technologies. On one hand, the work visualizes cultural heritage losses as a result of gigantic engineering projects in China, on the other hand, it comments on the increasing flood risk caused by climate change. The AR installation is an integral part of Lily & Honglei’s ongoing project “Shadow Play: Tales of Urbanization of China.
For more info about (Un)Seen Sculptures exhibition, please visit: