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Remediating Collective Memory or Just a Moving Image: Augmented Reality in Contemporary Southeast Asian Art

View at by Rachel Seah Within the arts industry in China, artist collective Lily Honglei Art Studio whose primary use of VR and AR in their works presents a unique convergence of western and non-western visual traditions, as such have exhibited globally, extensively and sits as associate members of Manifest.AR. In 2011 as part of Manifest.AR, […]

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Butterfly Lovers augmented reality project

Butterfly Lovers – An Augmented Reality Art Project Artists: Painting by Lily & Honglei, Augmented Reality by John Craig Freeman, Documentation by Will Pappenheimer and John Craig Freeman Year of Completion: 2009-2011 Medium: Oil on paper, Augmented Reality application for mobile phone Work Description Derived from a popular Chinese folktale Butterfly Lovers (梁山伯与祝英台)regarded as the […]

Manifest.AR: An International Aritist Collective Developing Augmented Reality Art

Crystal Coffin – China Virtual Pavilion at Venice Biennial 2011 AR Intervention by  Cyberartist Group Manifest.AR More documentation at Description: Help support the Manifest.AR Venice Biennial 2011 Intervention – buy the t-shirts! USA: Europe: _________________________________________________________________________________________ ‘Cyber-Animism and Augmented Dreams: The urge to augment‘ by Tamiko Thiel, Leonardo Journal _________________________________________________________________________________________ Butterfly […]

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Jamaica Flux 10

Participation at Jamaica Flux ’10 Opening: April 10th. Closing: Multimedia Performance & Catalog launch party: June 12nd, 2010. Portrait of America: Producing Year: 2004 –2010, Medium: Site-specific Installation and Performances on Jamaica Avenue, Queens, NY As a result of five-year investigation on Chinese immigrant artists’ lives in America, this project creates a ‘live sculpture’ signifying […]