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Collaborating with commentator Stephen Persing, the host of Art Note, Lily & Honglei’s project Land of Illusion is featured by Aspect – the Chronicle of New Media Art, in Volume 18: Export China.

ASPECT: The Chronicle of New Media Art, a biannual DVD publication, is launching V18: EXPORT CHINA.

In recent decades, China has undergone massive social, economic and cultural change, altering its citizens’ view of the world and themselves. China’s artists have rapidly absorbed and reinterpreted the pluralistic styles of Western art, using them to translate the unique realities of life in contemporary China. In turn, Chinese art has become the subject of intense critical and commercial speculation in the West. We seek work from Chinese artists participating in this cross-cultural exchange, responding to it critically from an embedded perspective.


Slash: Paper Under The Knife

Museum of Art & Design, New York


David Revere McFadden, Chief Curator, and Laura Stern, Assistant Curator

movingpaper.madmuseum.orgMoving Paper is the Museum of Arts and Design cut paper animation festival.

Lily & Honglei’s Forbidden City showcased at MAD Museum Theater, 3/27/10

The Winners!
People’s Choice award

Paper Boy by: iank [grand prize winner!]

Legend of the Raven God King by: leahnolbrich

Forbidden City by: lily&honglei

Museum’s Choice award

NZ Book Council – Going West by: The New Zealand Book Council [grand prize winner!]

American Dream Anton Cabaleiro

Plume Maya Erdelyi

The Museum of Arts and Design is pleased to announce the winners of the People’s Choice and Museum’s Choice awards of the Moving Paper cut paper animation festival. Out of the many exceptional videos we received, these pieces are recognized as being particularly noteworthy by the Museum and by the thousands of visitors to the festival website

You can come and see the winners in the Theater at MAD on Saturday, March 27th. We’ll be screening a selection of videos all day long, and admittance is included with your Museum admission.

Many thanks to all of the people who submitted. The Museum had the highest of expectations for this project, and we were pleasantly surprised to find our expectations exceeded.

Cyber Museum of Contemporary Art (CMOCA)

Project Outline

based on “Land of Illusion” Art Space in Second Life

by Lily & Honglei


Promoting and developing highly interactive online exhibition for contemporary art, presenting varied types of artworks in “Land of Illusion” in Second Life, therefore challenging existing formats of art exhibitions.

Creating new art vocabulary in “Land of Illusion” in virtual world, which utilizes digital multimedia, online performances, virtual sculptures and traditional fine arts language.

Contributing to artist community building with communication technology in the Internet age, enhancing global artist collaborations, stressing on audience/artist or artwork interactions, meanwhile emphasizing education and cultural exchange functions.

Development Timeline

1st month: Adjusting “Land of Illusion” in Second Life for future presentations of contemporary arts, set up Website, blog and launch “Contemporary Art Center” project.

2nd – 9th month:Hosting a series of contemporary art exhibitions,including inviting the most active artist groups in Second Life  for virtual world performances and installation, sculpture and multimedia presentations.

Collaborate on publications and reviews with major global new media art organizations.

10th – 12th month:Hosting Cyberart & Education Festival, that aims to encourage younger generations to explore cyberspace as a creative and collaborative place, meanwhile highlighting educators’ innovative project using virtual world applications for teaching art & design. Collaborating with new media art institutions on publications.


CMOCA – Cyber Museum of Contemporary Arts


* 倡导与发展高度互动的网上当代艺术展览,在“太虚幻境”虚拟空间中展示各类当代艺术品,挑战传统画廊展览形式。

* 进一步发展“太虚幻境”第二人生艺术空间,创造新的视觉艺术经验和语汇。

* “太虚幻境”将增强网络艺术社区功能,促进全球范畴内艺术家合作,注重与观众互动,强调文化交流与教育作用。


主体创意:虚拟现实空间或赛博空间是一个蓬勃发展的艺术创作空间,也是全球艺术家交流合作的新社区,更是多代人探讨、观察与摸索当代艺术语言的前沿。三年前, 北京艺术家Lily & Honglei 开始发展“太虚幻境”第二人生虚拟环境,自然地综合了多种艺术语汇,例如影像、动画、互动音响等数码多媒体,绘画、工艺等传统手法,也有网络表演等新的艺 术形式。利用发达的数码与网络技术提供的快捷的视觉传送与通讯手段, “Land of Illusion” 实现着当代艺术家建立“意念国度”的梦想 – 反思历史、文化遗产与传统的价值,尤其是在全球化以及变换的当代社会环境中,群体或自我获得了什么,失落了什么,而真正的答案又在哪里……

宗旨: “太虚幻境”倡导在数码时代与网络环境中发展新的当代艺术语言, 包括利用先进的数字成像技术来诠释历史文化价值的延续与流失。 这将是一种新鲜的,日常生活中的,童年游戏般活泼的表达方式, 是对多种文化并存的肯定性宣言。 提示中国当代艺术家对变幻中的二十一世纪人文环境的审识,发展中国当代艺术对信息时代作出文化贡献的巨大潜力。利用高度互动、互联的网络技术发展新的观众与作者的关系,艺术家的合作关系,从而在激发创作力的同时达到丰富个体文化经历。

“太虚幻境”虚拟空间现有工程: 目前,“太虚幻境”有如下组成部分:



“长城”: 位于西部,这到长墙隔绝了这个梦中花园与外界。表演与装置空间。


“天宫”: 位于高空中,造型模拟“水立方”,内部设有“蟠桃宴”等互动装置。

网上艺术社区:联合主要新媒体艺术组织,如, Intelligent Agent Magazine, Boston Cyberarts Festival等, 联展、发表评论、期刊以扩大网上当代艺展览的影响力。


第一月:调整“太虚幻境”虚拟空间,相关网页、博客等,起动“Land of Illusion” Contemporary Art  “太虚幻境”当代艺术 (名称待定)

第二、三月:举办“太虚幻境”邀请展 – “TransForm”,包括最活跃的“第二人生”艺术组合如 Second Front, Upbar Media Culture, 与, Intelligent Agent New Media Magazine,Boston Cyberarts  等媒体合作, 出版专题评论。

第四至六月:举办Cyber Contemporary Art 赛博当代艺术展,扩大网络展览与新媒体艺术的影响力。 展品可涵盖DSL Collection部分收藏, 同时在主要媒体艺术网络上征集作品。 展品与展出实况将被发表、记载在网站、博客上,并有专刊评论。

第七至九月:举办“iContemporary Art”, 鼓励各种形式的当代艺术与论文投稿, 目的在于评价与审视当代艺术与网络文化的深刻联系。出版网络专刊最为展览记录与评论。

第十至十二月:Cyberart & Education Festival 鼓励学生与教育家参与。

Report on Boston Cyberart Festival 2009 News Release

Tenth anniversary Festival features
increased focus on art in cyberspace

Boston, MA – Exhibitions and performances by artists who use computer technology as an integral part of their work are once again on display at the sixth Boston Cyberarts Festival, taking place April 24-May 10, 2009. The Festival, a collaboration of visual and performing artists, cultural organizations, educators, and high-technology professionals, takes place at museums, galleries, theatres, schools, and public spaces in and around the Boston area, and online at

The first Boston Cyberarts Festival took place ten years ago, in 1999, and since that time the biennial event has become an eagerly-anticipated part of the Boston-area arts and technology scene. George Fifield, Director of Boston Cyberarts, noted: “The Boston area has been a center of art and technology for decades, since the pioneering work done by institutions like WGBH, Polaroid, and the MIT Media Lab. We’re proud that for the past decade we have been able to shine a spotlight on both the rich history of art and technology, and on the visions for the future.”

One of the key features of this year’s Festival is an increased emphasis on art in cyberspace. Among the events and exhibitions that can be enjoyed on the web are:

* Loops: A Dance & Technology Project: Artists will be repurposing and reinterpreting Merce Cunningham’s “Loops,” using open-source software created from the motion-capture of the Cunningham work. The results will be available to view online, in exhibition at the MIT Museum, and in a live performance.

* HyperArtSpace Gallery: Boston Cyberarts’ own online gallery will be the site of a series of curated exhibitions of web-based artwork.

* Second Life: Boston Cyberarts is planning an array of projects in the virtual environment of Second Life. At least one of these exhibitions, organized by Lily & Honglei, will also be on view in the gallery at U. Mass Dartmouth.

A rich array of events and exhibitions in many art forms are also on tap for the 2009 Festival.

[read more…]

New Exhibition Information

Curatorial Statement

Lucian Perkins, photojournalist and two time Pulitzer prize winner

With one of America’s most significant inaugurations just behind us, the country in economic turmoil, and a multitude of wars being fought on foreign soil, freedom is not far from anybody’s mind. Not just in the political sense, for as tension rises we also seek creative escapes, and from that new ideas emerge. Gallery RFD’s upcoming exhibition, Sweet Escape, is about exploring liberty in any context. We request your views about political freedom, personal freedom, and creative freedom, interpreted into works of art.

Exhibition runs: April 11 – May 2, 2009

Opening Reception: April 11, 2009, 5-8 p.m

Gallery RFD

Gallery RFD

Lily & Honglei - China new media art

Work on View:Trilogy "Peacock Flies Southeast" by Lily & Honglei

Land of Illusion by Lily & Honglei

Work on View: Land of Illusion by Lily & Honglei

“Land of Illusion – folklore in digital media”

presentation @ Upgrade! Boston

Upgrade! Boston Presentation

Upgrade! Boston Presentation

Curated by

Location: Studio for Interrelated Media, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Schedule: May 19th, 2009

Event: artists talk by Lily & Honglei

note: Upgrade! Boston is a monthly gathering of artists, curators and the public that fosters dialogue and creates opportunities for collaboration within the new media community. Hosted by the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, each meeting consists of one or two hour-long presentations interspersed with questions and comments from the audience. Theme-based panel discussions are organized once or twice a year. The events are informal, free, and open to all. Founded by in January 2005, Upgrade! Boston continues to grow as a local node within the global Upgrade! International (UI) network.

Exhibition: Virtual Art @ NYC Broadway Gallery
 Virtual Art @ Broadway Gallery NYC

Virtual Art @ Broadway Gallery NYC

Exhibition Location:

NY Arts Broadway Gallery, 473 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10013 (212) 274-8993

gallery websites:,

Exhibition Dates: February 15 – 28, 2009, Tues – Sat 10: – 6:00 pm.

Opening Reception: Thursday 6-8PM, February 19th, 2009

Exhibition Description: the exhibition explores virtual world art as a form of assessment of globalization, a venue to explore Internet-based virtual world as a Modernist techno-libertarian utopia, a political utopia, and “reality” of the dream world. The exhibition also serves as part of initiative of a new platform promoting net-art by presenting work in this field not only on Internet but in galleries in both New York City and Beijing.

Land of Illusion team: Scott Grant, Kristy Lee, Bill H. Li, Honglei Li, Ry Daniel Shanks, Bill Weaver, Lily Xiying Yang

lily, Patrick, Will & Craig discussing NY Arts Net-art initiative in VF clinic

lily, Patrick, Will & Craig discussing NY Arts Net-art initiative (first meeting in VF clinic)

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