Qu Shui Liu Shang (曲水流觞)

Qu Shui Liu Shang (曲水流觞) is a game played in ancient China. Sitting along the winding stream, the players put their cups full of wine and let them flow with the water. When a cup is passing in front of someone, this person shall take it and drink. Later it gradually developed into a cultural custom that people not only drank but also had to write extempore verses.

The game becomes popularized in the context of the hermit legends of Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove (竹林七贤).

Drifting Inspiration (inspired by Qu Shu Liu Shang)

Enlightened by their souls that pursue individual freedom and inner harmony in nature, we build the virtual installation Fountain of Drifting Inspiration to visualize the ancient yet vigorous spirit. By the fountain, visitors can interact with the “cup of wine” and leave a comment on a piece of paper with Chinese brush on the ground. The fountains is located in the “Red Chambers Courtyard,” the east section of “Land of Illusion” in Second Life.

One reply on “Qu Shui Liu Shang (曲水流觞)”

A game played during “elegant gatherings.” See “The Picture of West Garden Gathering” by Li Gonglin (painting of an elegant gathering held by Wang Shen around 990).

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