“A Chapter in Time – Media Convergence” Exhibition curated by Lily & Honglei 杨熙瑛,李宏磊

A Chapter in Time“Media Convergence” Exhibition
CVPA Gallery 244, UMass Dartmouth

Exhibition Description

“As we progress ever-deeper into the information era, the field of art and design
continues to change. The convergence of the broadcast, publishing and computing
industries has transformed the practice of design. No longer limited to the produc
-tion of a tangible, physical object, the work of design is frequently realized as an
experience, performance or interactive virtual space. As audiences become more
sophisticated, they demand more from their experience of works of design; more
flexibility, more participation, more customization, more immersion. To communi
-cate effectively with this convergence of media requires a cross-disciplinary pers
-pective that spans many facets of art and design.”
Prof. Scott Ahrens

The work of eight graduate students from Digital Media, Typography, Graphic
Design, Photography and Sculpture converges to explore different ways of seeing
time. Working within the constraints of incorporating typographic imagery into
their primary medium, each artist has interpreted a single chapter chosen from
Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman, a collection of essays describing dreams
Einstein might have dreamt about the nature and mechanics of time. These
works about dreams of time — sometimes fantastic,sometimes non-sensical,
even disturbing — defy traditional logic and provoke us to consider new ways
to “tell” time.

A World Without Future”
– Lily’s interactive reading in Einstein’s Dreams

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