Avant-garde film screening series curated by Lily & Honglei 杨熙瑛,李宏磊

Seeing the World

– Avant-garde film screening series in CVPA, UMass Dartmouth

1st Screening: Overview
A series of screenings for avant-garde films and video art are taking place in
CVPA Star Store Campus. The first screening will be in Lecture Hall.
When? Tuesday 7:30- 9:00PM, Feb.13th, 2007.
Featured film: Japanese, America & Europe experimental short films.
Sponsored by Art History & Design Department, discussion with faculty
from all departments will be followed.
Refreshments will be served.
Anyone interested in experimental films is welcome to join.

2nd Screening: Contemporary Asian Video Art
Feb. 27th, Tuesday 7:30PM
CVPA Star Store Lecture Hall.
Featured films include video work selected from E-flux, the internationally influential
video rental project, which was recently installed in Harvard University as the final
stop. Short films from China, Japan & Korea will be presented & discussed by Art
History faculty and grad students. Welcome to join us.

3rd Screening: Russian/German Avant-garde
When? Mar.14th, Wednesday 6:30PM
Where? Gallery 154 Group VI, CVPA UMass Dartmouth Campus.
Sponsored by Art History & Design Department
Discussion with faculty from Art History, Fine Arts & Design Department will be

The screening is open to public.

4th Screening: Free Speech, War & Film
When? Apr.10th, Tuesday 6:00PM,
Where? Gallery 154 on 1st floor, Group VI, CVPA Dartmouth Campus.
Sponsored by Design Department & Social Change Society in UMass Dartmouth
Featured Movies:
1. Why We Fight,  by Eugene Jarecki
2. Forbidden City, by Xiying Yang,
3. Ash, by Honglei Li
Discussion with CVPA faculty will be followed.
The show is open to public.

© Lily & Honglei 2007 – 2008. All rights reserved.

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