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Shadow Play, VR screenshot by Lily & Honglei Art Studio

After months of intensive work, Lily & Honglei Art Studio is launching a series of public presentations and exhibitions of their on-going project “Shadow Play” at three venues in April and May, 2016: Queens Museum of Arts (NY), Wilfrid Israel Museum for Asian Arts & Studies (Israel), and Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning (NY).

The exhibitions are produced in varied formats including video, augmented reality installation that is viewable on mobile phone apps, and prints juxtaposed with traditional Chinese shadow puppets (by courtesy of Wilfrid Israel Museum). The images appearing in the exhibitions present current stage of development of the multimedia project that integrates emerging technology such as Virtual Reality with traditional shadow puppetry motifs.

Lily & Honglei, Jamaica Flux, New York artist

Catalog of Jamaica Flux 2016

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Invited by Gwangju International Media Art Festival, Shadow Play by Lily & Honglei Art Studio is participating Media Canvas exhibition in the ‘City of Light,’ July 1 – July 7, 2015. 

Gwangju Media Art Festival, Lily & Honglei, chinese media artist

The festival is sponsored by Gwangju Cultural Foundation (GCF), South Korea

by Senior editor & artistic director Lanfranco Aceti, editor & curator Özden Şahin, associate editor Andrea Ackerman

Uncontainable – ISEA2011 Istanbul: Some Thoughts After The Fact

When talking about ISEA2011 Istanbul one of the things I believe will remain as a legacy of the symposium is its magnitude. ISEA2011 was the most attended to date with almost 1500 attendees, the last count we had was of 1489, and it had over 100 artists – the ones we could account for – who participated and engaged with the city in multiple ways, authorized and non.

Manifest.AR is an international artists group working with emergent forms of mobile augmented reality as interventionist public art, using this new art medium to transform public space and challenge institutional structures. Geolocating 3D computer graphic artworks at selected sites, they respond to and overlay the physical locations with new meanings, pushing the boundaries between the real and the virtual.

Collectively and individually, Manifest.AR members exhibit and intervene around the world. After their pathbreaking intervention at MoMA NY in 2010 they set their sights on the Venice Biennial, creating the artworks that are mirrored in the Kasa Gallery exhibition „Not There“ during the ISEA Istanbul Festival. Participating artists are: Tamiko Thiel, John Craig Freeman, Lily and Honglei, Will Pappenheimer, Naoko Tosa, Mark Skwarek, Sander Veenhof, John Cleater.

Lily & Honglei’s video art is featured as Artist of the Month by CologneOFF: Video Art in a Global Context, October – November 2011:

Lily & Honglei - video artists from China

Lily & Honglei
Videos on view

1. The Forbidden City, 2007-2008, 5:48
2. Home, 2010, 3:00
3. Butterfly Lovers, 2009, 5:00
4. Window: April, 2010, 1:30
5. Window: May, 2010, 1:35
6. The Peony Pavillon, 2011, 5:46


Lily Xiying Yang and Honglei Li are new media artists from Beijing, currently based in New York City. Since 2005, they have been working under a collective name Lily & Honglei. Critiquing current global culture and society, their creativity aims to develop new artistic expressions through integrating traditional art forms including painting and Chinese folk art with digital language.

This solo will be presented during the screenings on CologneOFF 2011 Mexico City at two venues:

ExTeresa Arte Actual Mexico City &

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Xochimilco Mexico City, Media Fest & Congress “New Paradigms in Art”. During these comprehensive presentations of video art collection by CologneOFF , Lily & Honglei’s six videos are presented.

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Mexico City

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Mexico City

video screening and lectures at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Mexico City (images UAM by courtesy of Diana Guzmán)

UAM - Media fest 2011 - CologneOFF 2011 - videoart in a global context

curator Wilfried Agricola at UAM - Media fest 2011

UAM - Media fest 2011 - CologneOFF 2011 - videoart in a global context

UAM - Media fest 2011 exhibition hall

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