It was a busy night.

“Dancing First”

First we three, Ry (PumpkinWeirdo Keng), Kristy (Victoria Bury) and me (Lily Jun) performed “Winter Blossom” dance, 3Star Tyne designed the flower-like dress, Jimmy composed music. Ry probable designed 20 gestures/animations for dancing, I’m still not sure I followed his instruction, let’s wait to see the outcome in videos.

Winter Blossom Dance

Winter Blossom Dance

On Monument ’08 – Cloud Ladder

Then I shouted to the group, “let’s start climbing the cloud ladder on the Great Fire Wall!” Indeed, I  captured a bunch of footage showing how people were struggling between heaven and ground! Obviously it’s a frustrating and somehow scary experience – when attempting to reach the sky…

"get ready to reach the sky!"

"get ready to reach the sky!"

Sowa Mai is the bravest and most successful one!

Sowa Mai is the bravest and most successful one!

she's hestating, on "cloud-ladder" in Land of Illusion

she's hesitating

"a beautiful struggle"

"a beautiful struggle" - PumpkinWeirdo, the dancer, and 3star Tyne, our fashion designer, are standing on the ladder

Sowa Mai is falling ...

Sowa Mai is falling ...

After Falling , in Crystal Palace


"nice to see you again in Crystal Palace, Banrion Constantine:)"

Sowa Mai in Crystal Palace with "good fortune" symbol for OX year

Sowa Mai in Crystal Palace with "good fortune" symbol for OX year

we need fireworks, for the lost city...

we need fireworks, for the lost city...

visitors in Land of Illusion
visitors in Land of Illusion
We greatly appreciate all participants’ effort! The film production will be presented in several occasions, including in Digital Art@DMAC, East Village NYC, Boston Cyberarts Biennial SL art exhibition at University of Massachusetts. All participants will receive credits for performing. Any questions, please contact:

New Exhibition Information

Curatorial Statement

Lucian Perkins, photojournalist and two time Pulitzer prize winner

With one of America’s most significant inaugurations just behind us, the country in economic turmoil, and a multitude of wars being fought on foreign soil, freedom is not far from anybody’s mind. Not just in the political sense, for as tension rises we also seek creative escapes, and from that new ideas emerge. Gallery RFD’s upcoming exhibition, Sweet Escape, is about exploring liberty in any context. We request your views about political freedom, personal freedom, and creative freedom, interpreted into works of art.

Exhibition runs: April 11 – May 2, 2009

Opening Reception: April 11, 2009, 5-8 p.m

Gallery RFD

Gallery RFD

Lily & Honglei - China new media art

Work on View:Trilogy "Peacock Flies Southeast" by Lily & Honglei

Land of Illusion by Lily & Honglei

Work on View: Land of Illusion by Lily & Honglei

We need your participation for “new media+digital art exhibition”
in Emergence Gallery @ Duo Multicultural Art Center, East Village, NYC

“Land of Illusion” is presenting SL project at Duo Multicultural Arts Center for new media art exhibition. We need 8 to 12 avatars participating our new film project in Second Life, Peach Blossom Shangri-la.All participants will be credited for the event.

1st Filming Date: Jan. 31, 6:30 – 7:00PM SLT, or after Winter Blossom Dance by Story House Nightingale Group

2nd Filming Date: to be announced

Dress-code: formal or semi-formal, in either modern western style or traditional Chinese style

Filming Location: “Land of Illusion” in Second Life

Contact: Lily Jun in Second Life, or

Director: Lily & Honglei

Emergence Gallery @ Duo Multicultural Art Center

Emergence Gallery @ Duo Multicultural Art Center

Gallery Opening: March 16, 2009

Gallery Location: gallery Emergence@DMAC, 62 East 4th Street in the heart of the East Village.

Welcom to join us!

Lily & Honglei

“Land of Illusion – folklore in digital media”

presentation @ Upgrade! Boston

Upgrade! Boston Presentation

Upgrade! Boston Presentation

Curated by

Location: Studio for Interrelated Media, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 621 Huntington Avenue, Boston

Schedule: May 19th, 2009

Event: artists talk by Lily & Honglei

note: Upgrade! Boston is a monthly gathering of artists, curators and the public that fosters dialogue and creates opportunities for collaboration within the new media community. Hosted by the Studio for Interrelated Media at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, each meeting consists of one or two hour-long presentations interspersed with questions and comments from the audience. Theme-based panel discussions are organized once or twice a year. The events are informal, free, and open to all. Founded by in January 2005, Upgrade! Boston continues to grow as a local node within the global Upgrade! International (UI) network.

Exhibition: Virtual Art @ NYC Broadway Gallery
 Virtual Art @ Broadway Gallery NYC

Virtual Art @ Broadway Gallery NYC

Exhibition Location:

NY Arts Broadway Gallery, 473 Broadway, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10013 (212) 274-8993

gallery websites:,

Exhibition Dates: February 15 – 28, 2009, Tues – Sat 10: – 6:00 pm.

Opening Reception: Thursday 6-8PM, February 19th, 2009

Exhibition Description: the exhibition explores virtual world art as a form of assessment of globalization, a venue to explore Internet-based virtual world as a Modernist techno-libertarian utopia, a political utopia, and “reality” of the dream world. The exhibition also serves as part of initiative of a new platform promoting net-art by presenting work in this field not only on Internet but in galleries in both New York City and Beijing.

Land of Illusion team: Scott Grant, Kristy Lee, Bill H. Li, Honglei Li, Ry Daniel Shanks, Bill Weaver, Lily Xiying Yang

lily, Patrick, Will & Craig discussing NY Arts Net-art initiative in VF clinic

lily, Patrick, Will & Craig discussing NY Arts Net-art initiative (first meeting in VF clinic)

Networked Performance: Hundred Schools of Thought

Dec.18, 9-10PM EST, 6-7PM SLT

Teleport to Land of Illusion now

Hundred Schools of Thought - performance in "Land of Illusion"

Hundred Schools of Thought – performance in “Land of Illusion”

Performance Description: By reflecting on the cultural phenomenon in Chinese history, “Land of Illusion” team’s new performance in Second Life, Hundred Schools of thought aims to making critical social and cultural commentaries in Cyberspace.

From Spring and Autumn to Warring States Period, during nearly 500 years in China, thought was freed, learning was unrestricted. Scholars without official responsibilities, were able to develop their views freely; heterodoxies thus could widely prevail. Men of profound thought and far vision inevitably were moved to make critical inquires into the causes and influences of these great changes, and quite naturally voiced opposition or offered constructive proposal.

In this performance in Second Life, six major philosophers reside in the Grand View Garden, presenting or advocating their thoughts and strategies freely. While the characters are identifiable by appearances and activities through historical accounts, performers, six artists and educators from China, Australia and America, have been encouraged to interpret the profound cultural message with their own reading when retaining their personal virtual identities as certain degree. Exploring “multifaceted identities” is the focus of this social-cultural reinterpretations through symbolic approaches.

Viewers are invited to log in Second Life for an immersive experience of this performance reflecting on not only Chinese history and philosophy, but legend and personality.

more information at, and

Land of Illusion @ ImageRadio new media festival, Netherlands


Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Schedule: November 2, 19:00 – 22:00 (CET)
Event: Live performance Paradise of the Assassins
Paradise of the Assassins

Poster:Paradise of the Assassins

View Video

Work Description: “Land of Illusion” team is presenting their online performance and installation, Paradise of the Assassins, at ImageRadio 2008 new media festival held in Emergent Art Center, Eindhoven, Netherlands, October 30 – November 2, 2008. Performance, scheduled at November 2nd, 19:00 -22:00 CET, will be on view both in the exhibition and online in Second Life. Participants include new media artists Lily & Honglei, Ry Daniel Shanks, Bill Weaver and members of “Land of Illusion.”

Networked performance Paradise of the Assassins is a reflection on the traditional theme in Chinese folklore – assassinations of tyrants and authority, yet being interpreted with language of computer art. In the gallery, projection and computer workstation will allow viewers to interact with virtual encounters while
immersing in a fantasy landscape and storytelling. By controlling the avatar of Emperor Qin, in a online virtual space, viewers become confronting with performers taking forms of famous assassins from ancient China. This author/viewer relationship provokes rethinking of the individual identity in historical, social and cultural contexts.

Paradise of the Assassins performance - Grand View Garden

Paradise of the Assassins performance - Grand View Garden

Paradise of the Assassins in "Land of Illusion"

Paradise of the Assassins in "Land of Illusion"

Festival Outline: The festival is an experiment, critical reflection, and preview of how new media in public space impact our cultural, social and physical surroundings. The increase of display devices, data clouds, sensor networks, particularly in urban centers, provides a new medium. Public space becomes a playground in which dynamic and manipulative data influence our perception. Potential applications are shown in experimental installations. Theory, discussion and exchange on these topics are facilitated in the professional program and symposium.

More Information at

“Wall & City “- collaboration of Lily & Honglei, Ry Daniel Shanks

Exhibition @ Monash University, Australia

Wall & City

Poster: Wall & City exhibition @ monash university

Exhibition Description: The exhibition is sponsored by Chinese Studies Program at Monash University Australia. Exhibits include Lily & Honglei’s experimental videos: The Fourth Cry of the Monkey, A Dream of Red Chambers, Forbidden City; paintings composing animation “The Fourth Cry”; digital images extracted from new performance/machinima Wall & City.

Work Description: Wall & City is a machinima directed and edited by Lily & Honglei, performed by Ry Daniel Shanks and Lily Yang. The film contains three main scenes, Grand View Garden in eastern section where Yu Huan played her famous “drunk dance”, Great Wall in western section where Bao Si was entertained by the ultimate chaos in the history of China, and Underwater City that swallowed Xi Shi’s youth and beauty and left her lonely soul wandering around in the submerged city. “Fundamentally, the film reflects the concept of the directional symbolism, namely, related architectural structures are built upon ancient Chinese correlative cosmology, which teaches that the movement of the universe follows the ceaseless transformation of yin and yang forces and the five phases (wood, fire, metal, water and earth): life starts from the east (which corresponds to the element of wood, spring, rising yang, etc.) and ends in the west which corresponds to the element of metal, autumn, rising yin, etc. [1]“ Lily states, “and this theory, for me, is not about belief, but seeking for order from chaos, eternity from confusion, or the antipathy of certian existing social structures …”

Works on View:

Legend of Xi Shi - work on view in Exhibition @ Monash Univ.

Legend of Xi Shi - work on view in Exhibition Wall & City

View Video

Story of Bao Si

Story of Bao Si - work on view in Exhibition Wall & City

View Video

Story of Yu Huan Yang - work on view in Exhibition @ Monash Univ.

Story of Yu Huan Yang - work on view in Exhibition @ Monash Univ.

View Video

SL machinima excerpt:

Online Exhibition Location: Exhibition Hall at Chinese College, Monash University (SL)

Schedule: Friday, Nov.14 (USA/UK), Saturday, Nov. 15 (AU), 2008, 4-5PST (or Second Life Time)

play fire-cracker for opening at Monash Univ.

play fire-cracker for opening at Monash Univ.

visitors at Wall & City exhibition

visitors at Wall & City exhibition