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Zhulong Gallery Premieres with Satellite

(Dallas, TX—March 11)  Zhulong Gallery launches in Dallas on April 3. Designed to showcase New Media art, its multi-level galleries reclaimed from industrial space provide a high-tech platform for contemporary art.  The gallery’s façade is a 17 x 10-foot screen for projecting images, text and video. Downstairs, the gallery space presents a museum-like setting that creates a sense of discovery for guests.  Upstairs, a poetic gallery deck provides views of Downtown Dallas and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Aja Martin, director of Zhulong Gallery, said, “In Satellite, we just begin to explore the wide-ranging field of New Media art.” She added, “Satellite is a sampling of artists who will be featured in future exhibitions.”

Zhulong Gallery, 1302 Dragon Street, Dallas, TX 75207
Premiere Exhibit:  Satellite
Preview, April 3, 2014, 6 – 9 pm, To RSVP,
Exhibit continues April 4 – May 10, 2014. Beginning April 5, Zhulong Gallery will be open Tuesday – Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm or by appointment.

Satellite features New Media works by 11 contemporary artists and frames Zhulong Gallery as a hub for receiving and transmitting art and ideas. The artists interpret data, culture, travel, and time.  Some of the works contain subject matter relating to space exploration and others hint at the satellite and its functions in an abstract, yet tangible manner.

Artists in Satellite present works that explore the expanding parameters of New Media:

• Hiba Ali (b. Karachi, Pakistan, currently Chicago, IL) creates virtual environments and documents that explore power formations and alternatives to current Western infrastructures.

• Erika Blumenfeld (USA) – With special devices, Blumenfeld records light and presents it as phenomenon in the form of installations, sound and video art, and artist books.

• Lily & Honglei (New York and Beijing) – This two-person collective meld the virtual and ‘real’, offering augmented realities (AR), video works, and virtual films communicating ideas about Chinese history and culture and its relationship to the globalized present. They are also members of the collective Manefest.AR, which uses mobile technology as strategy for visual art.

• James Geurts’ (London, UK and Melbourne, Australia) ‘Expanded Drawings’ take an abundance of forms: public installations and sculptures, graphite drawings, projections and video works. All iterations convey the artist’s observations of specific geologic phenomena.

• Susan Giles (Chicago, IL) presents architectural sculptures that relay the fragility and folly of memory. Working with spectacular and banal architectural forms and features, the artist creates large and small-scale sculptural works and video deal with transmission of experience into language—audible and gestural.

• Ira Greenberg (Dallas, TX) works in the computation medium and most recently explores new life forms through programming. His ‘protobytes’ respond to their environments living and dying among us in real-ti

• Paul Hertz (Chicago, IL) will present works from his latest series of glitch art, a program that visualizes the collapse of time and memory.

• Chris Lattanzio (Dallas, TX) creates glowing relief sculptures and environments that play on Pop Art and render the banal and the spiritual with equal affect. Highly saturated or cool and atmospheric, the works alter both space and psyche.

• Anh-Thuy Nguyen (b. Vietnam, currently Claremore, OK) is a performance and video artist who explores our significant cultural relationships with food in an attempt to present distinct but universal ideas.

• Max Schich (Dallas, TX) culls massive data and interprets it into delicate visual representations. These info-pictures communicate trends, connections and disparities that might go unnoticed without this specific visual context.

• Lauren Woods (Dallas, TX) is a conceptual artist working in hybrid media. Her ‘inkblot projections’ and other video, film and sound works set up alternative means and roles for viewing, the viewer and subject.

Zhulong Gallery:  the new light on Dragon Street.  More information is available at

For more information regarding Satellite, please contact

Art in America, Zhulong Gallery, Lily & Honglei, Lily & Honglei Art Studio, Chinese new media artist, Chinese contemporary artist, He Li

Zhulong Gallery inaugurating exhibition ‘Satellite’ in April issue, Art in America magazine, 2014

Lily & Honglei’s work on view: video and painting of Milky Way

video art Lily & Honglei, new media art, new media artist Lily & Honglei, new media art China

Still image of animated film ‘Milky Way,’ by Lily & Honglei Art Studio

ASPECT: A Chronicle of New Media Art
V18: Export China
Fall 2011

In recent decades, China has undergone massive social, economic and cultural change, altering its citizens’ view of the world and themselves. China’s artists have rapidly absorbed and reinterpreted the pluralistic styles of Western art, using them to translate the unique realities of life in contemporary China. In turn, many Western artists interested in the play between the individual and society have turned their attention to China as a complex and often culturally loaded subject. This volume contains work by artists from both China and the West, participating in this cross-cultural exchange, responding to it critically from an embedded perspective.

Attempting to approach China as a single subject leads to an encounter with contradictions. Home to what is arguably the oldest continuous culture in the world, it has yet faced unprecedented changes over the past century alone. Its citizens stand between two very different worlds, and each generation’s experience is seemingly unrecognizable to the last. This struggle between the historical and ahistorical may be the cohesive element of the volume. Many of the works featured deal with a piling-on of contradictory elements, a rewriting of history, or a collapsing of past, present and future. Some attempt to present the realities of contemporary life in China through documentary footage, others merely hint at its nuances through poetic gesture. What is offered is not a complete picture of media art made in or responding to contemporary China. Instead it is an attempt to correct the assumption of a single Chinese artistic “voice” or style, to present the multiplicity of experiences in as wide a breadth as possible.

lily & honglei, chinese contemporary artists

As an artist collective from China, our work reflects social realities and cultural traditions of China. Taking form of digital multimedia presentation, our projects often adapt symbolism and metaphors from Chinese folklore, and reinterpret them in a contemporary context. Integrating fine arts language with new media approaches including digital animation and virtual art, we create visual experiences belong to the 21st century.  – by Lily & Honglei

Find more information about art project Land of Illusion – Reconstituting History and Culture in Virtual Reality, and commentary by Stephen Persing, click here.

Special Thanks to our project contributors and collaborators:

He Li, 3D modelling, animation and performance in Second Life online virtual world.

Daniel Shanks, performance in Second Life online virtual world.

Scott Grant, performance in Second Life online virtual world.

Philip Zhenming Zhai, conceptual advisor, music composition and performing in Second Life online virtual world.


September 13-15, 2011
10:00-18:00 daily

MIND THE GAP is a multi-media, multi-platform arts initiative to be held in Istanbul September 13-15, 2011. Headquartered at IMC 5533 art space, MIND THE GAP presents performative and new media work by emerging artists from around the globe addressing gaps and borders of all kinds: geographic and social borders, and technological and spatial gaps. With site-specific performances in public spaces around Istanbul, daily guided boat tours on the Bosphorus that offer a new perspective on orientation and the sea, and a virtual interactive mapping project, MIND THE GAP creates unique and participatory experiences to revision the ways we experience art.

Please join us for a video screening preview on September 12th from 16:00-18:30 and our final screening and closing reception on Thursday, September 15 from 16:00-18:30 at IMC 5533.

Whether you are right here in Istanbul with us or on the other side of the globe, we invite you to participate in our interactive works. From downloadable audio soundscapes, to our Vimeo page featuring all of our video works, to our “Map the Gap” digital photo project, viewers from around the world can actively participate in bridging gaps. As a participant in the “Map the Gap” project, you have the opportunity to explore your own ideas of gaps and have your digital photos displayed on our Tumblr.

For more information on the schedule of events and how to participate in our interactive programming, please visit: or contact us at:

In addition to the arts programming, MIND THE GAP is featured as a panel at ISEA2011 at Sabanci University, Levent, on September 18th,13:00-14:30.

(in the Istanbul Textile Traders Market)
5533- İMÇ 5.Blok no: 5533 Unkapanı-Istanbul.

Follow us on Twitter:!/mindthegap4

“Home”: New animated film as finalist at Terna 03 Prize for Contemporary Art
In China, recently, demolishing residential areas and relocating millions of people become everyday practices for economic development that lead to countless family tragedies. Depicting our personal experiences, Home, the short animated film composed with traditional Chinese cut-paper images, indicates the situation that both people’s property and feelings have been trampled as a result of the social transformation inducing bottomless desire for profit.
– Lily & Honglei, 2010
Terna03 Newsletter

Newsletter Premio Terna 03 n.11 – La rosa dei finalisti

Ecco i 90 finalisti della terza edizione del Premio Terna per l’Arte Contemporanea

È iniziato il count-down per i 90 artisti scelti che concorrono all’assegnazione del montepremi di circa 180mila euro a fine ottobre. In palio, oltre ai premi acquisto, tre artist residency in Italia e a Pechino. Tutte le opere finaliste saranno pubblicate nel catalogo del Premio, mentre solamente le 13 opere vincitrici saranno esposte in mostra al fianco degli artisti di fama che hanno condiviso e sostenuto il progetto.

Nella categoria Terawatt, ad invito, riservata agli artisti di fama, hanno partecipato: Carla Accardi, Mario Airò, Getulio Alviani, Stefano Arienti, Massimo Bartolini, Carlo Benvenuto, Maurizio Cannavacciuolo, Gianni Caravaggio, Fabrizio Corneli, Vittorio Corsini, Daniela De Lorenzo, Bruna Esposito, Carlo Guaita, Maria Lai, Sabrina Mezzaqui, Maurizio Mochetti, Liliana Moro, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Maurizio Nannucci, Sara Rossi, Luigi Serafini, Ettore Spalletti, Gianluigi Toccafondo.

LA ROSA DEI FINALISTI :30 per ciascuna categoria

Categoria Connectivity Shanghai e Pechino: Ma Aizhou, Wu Chen, Ren HANG, Li Ji, Zheng Jing, He Junyi, Cai Longfei, Zhang Lu, Gang Ma, Han Ning, Zhenzhong Peng, Yao Peng, Zhang Qing, Yi Shan, Bo Wang, Cai Weidong, Zhou Xiongbo, Suo Xiu, Pang Xuan, Shen Yang, Xiying Honglei Yang Li, Liu Ye, Shen Yi, Liang Yin, Jia Youguang, Li Zan, Shan Zeng, Zhang Zhanlong, Chen Zhijie, Huang Zi Yi.

Categoria Megawatt, over 35: Elena Arzuffi, Roberto Baldazzini, Stefano Cagol, Silvia Camporesi, David Casini, Francesco Cervelli, Eleonora Chiari, Cristian Chironi, Sarah Ciracì, Mario Cresci, Massimo Cristaldi, Anna de Manincor, Ettore Favini, Diamante Faraldo, Nicoletta Freti, Sylvio Giardina, Deborah Ligorio, Marianna Masciolini, Paola Meoni, Giancarlo Norese, Svetlana Ostapovici, Luca Padroni, Elena Panarella Vimercati Sanseverino, Giuliana Pastori, Vincenzo Pennacchi, Luca Piovaccari, Riccardo Previdi, Ciriaca Ruggieri, Davide Tranchina, Enzo Umbaca.

Categoria Gigawatt, under 35: Elisabetta Alazraki, Silvia Argiolas, Davide Balliano, Orazio Battaglia, Gabriele Bonato, Alessandro Cannistrà, Daniela d’Arielli, Roberto de Paolis, Giluio Delvè, Marco Fedele di Catrano, Ilaria Ferretti, Luigi Galasso, Giuseppe Gonella, Svitlana Grebenyuk, Francesca Grilli, Vincenzo Grosso, Luca Lanzi, Francesco Levi, Franco Monari, Ilaria Morganti, Andrea Nacciariti, Caterina Nelli, Alessandra Odoni, Giuseppe Pietroniro, Gianni Politi, Giacomo Porfiri (Alterazioni Video), Andrea Sala, Alessandro Scarabello, Marinella Senatore, Elisabetta Tagliabue.

Il tema di questa terza edizione del Premio  –  ” + 150 Visione: Origine e Potere. Energia attraverso le Generazioni ” – ha celebrato la forza della visione, dell’intuizione, del pensiero creativo e costruttivo. La trasmissione di energia intesa come forza che attraversa le generazioni e la storia. E proprio dalla storia, Terna ha scelto un esempio di visione, quella dei nostri padri, di una generazione di italiani, quella del 1861 che ha intuito, originato e dato energia all’Unità d’Italia, il cui centocinquantesimo anniversario ricorrerà nel 2011.

I vincitori, 3 per ciascuna categoria, uno per i Terawatt, 2 per il premio speciale assegnato dal Comitato dei Musei, saranno annunciati alla fine di ottobre. A questi si aggiunge il vincitore del “Premio Online”, il più votato su tra il 12 e il 19 ottobre. Il primo premio della categoria Terawatt (100mila euro) sarà in parte devoluto all’iniziativa “Più energia al Museo” come contributo alla realizzazione di un progetto di valorizzazione museale in accordo con  AMACI, l’Associazione Musei Arte Contemporanea Italiani.

Vota il Premio Online 2010, fai vincere l’artista più amato dalla community

Fatti guidare dal tuo gusto o dalla trifase che traccia la popolarità di ogni artista sul sito e vota il tuo preferito attraverso la grande vetrina di Hai tempo fino al 19 ottobre, entro le ore 18.00, per decretare uno dei vincitori del PT03

Image name

Hai tempo fino al 19 ottobre, entro le ore 18.00, per decretare il Premio Online 2010. Il voto on the web è espressione della giuria popolare, della community online ma anche cartina di tornasole del gusto, partecipazione e sensibilità di un campione significativo. Potenzialmente,  infatti, tutte  le opere partecipanti al Premio hanno a disposizione una vasta audience a cui sottoporre la propria opera. Una platea di ben 10 mila iscritti alla newsletter, per non parlare dei visitatori occasionali e dei fan del PT attivi sui social network. La rete è, infatti, ancora uno dei grandi protagonisti del PT03 come testimoniano le oltre 85.000 voci già presenti in rete sui motori di ricerca come Google.

Fatti guidare dal tuo estro o più semplicemente dall’onda che traccia la popolarità di ogni artista sul sito e vota il tuo preferito, attraverso la grande vetrina di

Al Premio Online partecipano automaticamente gli oltre 3 mila iscritti in tutte le categorie. Al più cliccato del web, un premio-acquisto del valore di 4.000,00 euro e l’opportunità di esporre la propria opera nella mostra finale, a Roma, al fianco dei 23 artisti di fama che hanno condiviso e sostenuto il progetto, accanto ai Gigawatt, Megawatt, Terawatt del PT03 e ai premiati dal Comitato dei Musei.

I vincitori saranno annunciati alla fine di ottobre. Clicchi chi può!

View catalog via
Terna Prize 03: Vision: Origin and Power, Energy Through the Generations

"New Ink Painting Generation," Shanghai University 99 Art Space

Lily & Honglei: New Ink Painting Generation

The exhibition space at 99 Creative Center

Official report on the exhibition in Shanghai:画廊

Concurrent with Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai University is launching New Ink Painting Generation I at 99 Art Space. We’re glad that our new animation project The Peony will be on view in this exhibition.

The Peony continues our practice integrating Chinese cultural and aesthetic traditions with new media expressions. Ambient sound, 3-D space, time duration and subtle motions are deployed to make a static brush painting alive. The infinite loop of the animation constructs a space for rethinking Chinese painting’s cultural and artistic values that remain largely underestimated.

As a medium, agent and concept, Chinese ink painting functions to unveil contemporary issues. New Ink Painting Generation discusses the future and reflects the recent developments of contemporary Chinese ink painting.’ Ma Lin, the curator and chair of Department of Art History of Shanghai University, said.

Peony: animation still. by Lily & Honglei

The animation excerpt is viewable at

More information about the exhibition at: